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On our own behalf – The Beer Monopoly on the Forbes List „Best Booze Books of 2017“

We are speechless. Surprised. Humbled. Incredibly grateful. Our book The Beer Monopoly appears on this year`s Forbes List "Best Booze Books". No, no, it`s not the Forbes Rich List. Fat chance of us ever getting on to that one. The list was compiled by Tara Nurin and can be found here >>


Posted November 2019

Denmark – Carlsberg forecasts 10 percent profit hike in 2019

Danish brewer Carlsberg has revised upwards its annual profit growth outlook on 4 November 2019, saying it now expects organic operating profit to rise by around 10 percent versus a previous forecast for a “high single-digit” percentage increase. Read on

Japan – Kirin’s non-alcoholic Karada Free is a slimming potion

A beer which actually reduces your beer belly could be the Next Big Thing. In October 2019, Kirin launched Kirin Karada Free, a functional “beer-taste beverage” in corporate speak, which doesn’t have any alcohol. Read on

Germany – New Managing Director for AB-InBev Germany

AB-InBev’s revolving doors are spinning faster while top personnel is getting younger. After only seven months at the helm of AB-InBev Germany, Florian Weins, 35, has left the firm at the end of October to spend more time with his family. He is succeeded by Michel Pepa, 30, a Belgian. Read on

Germany – Environmental NGO accuses Coke of greenwashing

The NGO German Environmental Aid (DUH) has criticized Coca-Cola for blatant greenwashing, after the beverage giant announced plans to produce beverage containers which contain 25 percent of salvaged marine plastic. In a statement, released on 25 October 2019, DUH complains that Coke’s supposedly innovative recycling approach in fact serves to legitimise the littering of the oceans with plastic waste. Each year, millions of fish, marine mammals and seabirds die as a result of plastic waste in the oceans. Read on

United Kingdom – Governments grow more suspicious of Big Booze, warns The Economist

The Economist newspaper says that of all the substances people intoxicate themselves with, alcohol is the least restricted and causes the most harm. It warns that if the alcohol industry’s moderate consumption guidelines were really effective, they would ruin their sponsors’ finances. Read on

USA – Ceria launches Indiewave, a non-alcoholic THC-CBD-infused IPA

The latest brewing innovation from Ceria Brewing Company is a de-alcoholised THC-CBD infused India Pale Ale (IPA), which will be launched at licensed dispensaries in Colorado in mid-November and California in December. Ceria’s IPA will contain 10 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD per serving. It will be available in 12 oz aluminium cans either as a single or in a 4-pack carton. Read on

United Kingdom - BrewDog to offer free beer to anyone who voted in UK’s General Election

To encourage more people to vote on 12 December 2019, Scottish craft brewer BrewDog is offering a free pint to every voter at its bars, regardless of who they voted for. The offer is only valid on the day the UK goes to the polls. Customers can claim their free IPA by simply showing their polling card or a selfie taken outside a polling station. Read on

United Kingdom – Mikkeller opens second London pub with 1980s pop star

Business in London must be good for Mikkeller to move forward with a second London taproom in conjunction with 1980s pop star Rick Astley. The Exmouth Market site, previously a rotating pop-up space, will allow Mikkeller to also brew beer on site. Read on

Belgium – AB-InBev to brew Corona locally in select markets

In a move akin to killing a holy cow, AB-InBev announced on 25 October 2019 that it was looking to produce its Mexican beer brand Corona in select markets, to increase availability and reduce its carbon footprint. Reportedly, AB-InBev has already started brewing Corona in China. An analyst, quoted by just-drinks.com, says that local production of Corona could reduce AB-InBev’s cost of goods by between USD 18 and USD 24 per hl. Read on

USA – Molson Coors restructures and cuts up to 500 jobs

Molson Coors, the parent of MillerCoors, will be moving hundreds of corporate office jobs to Milwaukee, which could lead to the loss of 400 to 500 employees throughout the company. The move will grow a local workforce that has its roots in Miller Brewing, although the MillerCoors name will be dropped. What was MillerCoors, will now be known as Molson Coors Beverage Company as of 2020. The name change is meant to better reflect its strategic intent to expand beyond beer and into other growth segments. Read on

USA – Founders and ex-employee settle racial discrimination lawsuit

Michigan’s brewer Founders and its former employee Tracy Evans have agreed to settle their lawsuit on 31 October 2019. Terms were not disclosed. Mr Evans alleged that Founders tolerated a racist corporate culture, and that he was fired because he had complained to HR about racism on staff. Only a week before, Founders’ co-founder, Dave Engbers, had insisted that he was confident that Founders will win the racial discrimination lawsuit. But as anger mounted across the craft beer community, and national media took up the story, prompting the brewer to pull out of the popular Fall Beer Festival in Detroit and close its Detroit taproom “until further notice”, over fears for employee safety, Founders was faced with a veritable PR disaster. Read on

Brazil – Heineken’s unit Kaiser to stay with Coke system, tribunal rules An arbitration tribunal has ruled that beverages produced by Cervejaria Kaiser, one of Heineken’s subsidiaries in Brazil, will continue to be distributed by Coca-Cola bottlers in Brazil through March 2022, the alleged termination date of the original arrangements. The decision was announced by Heineken on 31 October 2019. Read on

Belgium – AB-InBev lowers 2019 profit target

AB-InBev has lowered its annual profit forecast after its third quarter results were dragged down by higher marketing costs in China, while price rises in South Korea and Brazil drove volumes down. Immediately, its share price sagged, wiping USD 20 billion off its market value. Read on

Germany – Beer sales down 2 percent January to September 2019

This does not bode well for the rest of the year: From January to September 2019, brewers sold 2 percent or 1.4 million hl less beer than in the corresponding period 2017. As was reported by the Federal Office of Statistics (Destatis), beer sales in the first nine months of 2019 were around 70 million hl, excluding non-alcoholic beers, malt beer and beer imported from countries outside the European Union. Read on

USA – Lagunitas unexpectedly closes community bar in Portland

After three years of providing a free event space and beer for local charities, the Heineken-owned Lagunitas brewery shuttered its Community Room in Portland, Oregon, at the end of October 2019, forcing dozens of non-profit organisations to relocate their fundraising parties. Read on


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