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 Dr. Ina Verstl


Who I am is a whole collection of things. I am a journalist. A chronicler. An awful lot of my life I spend as a foreigner when I am abroad on research trips. Call me an outsider. That thing of being slightly apart. As a journalist, particularly in first-person journalism, you have to be the person who stands back, who stands aside and listens.

However, websites must have “bios”, so here is an edited version of mine.

Born in Munich. Educated in England. Studied economics, philosophy and literature in Munich, Hull, and Oxford. My doctoral thesis “The Quarry of the Self - Bildung and the Subversion of Identity” was accepted by the University of Zurich.

Until 1997 I was press officer at the Munich Trade Fair Corporation, one of the world’s leading trade fair organisations. Freelance journalist ever since. I am currently a special feature writer and commentator for Brauwelt International.

Every journalist has a pet book project. Mine is on the globalisation of the brewing industry. Called Beer Monopoly and co-authored with Ernst Faltermeier, it will be released by Hans Carl Publisher in November 2016.

I have lectured and debated at numerous gatherings of the brewing industry: Nairobi, Singapore, San Francisco, Prague, Adelaide, Sydney, Cape Town and Munich.

Although I generally share Groucho Marx’s attitude to clubs, I make an exception for the European Network of Business Ethics (EBEN), of which I am a member.

These days, I call Berlin home.